Asanuma Lens

“Ninety-nine percent of the lenses are better than 100% of photographers.” – Scott Bourne My friend Lynn Taylor from the Ogden Camera Club gave me this Minolta MD mount lens a few years ago. It’s in great condition, was still in the box with all the packaging materials. Has no scratches, no fungus, and no […]

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No, the Utah Film Photography website is not abandoned. During the final months of 2019, I had a few of what I would label “positive life changing events.” And then Covid-19, stay-at-home and social distancing guidelines occurred. That’s why the site has gone so long without regular updates. Plus, I’ve delayed writing this post because […]

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A First Time for Everything

I came to know Bailey when my wife and I took a trip last summer with a group to Europe. Bailey is a senior in high school and enjoys playing the piano, Harry Potter, boys, and photography. After returning from Europe, I emailed Bailey and asked if she wanted a film camera to try. She […]

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Thank You

Utah Film Photography has been an interesting adventure. I started this blog 2 years ago to share my experience shooting film and using vintage cameras. To say that I’ve enjoyed myself would be an understatement. It’s introduced me to some fantastic people that have contributed film, gear and a lot of wisdom. Maurice Greeson – […]

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Film Camera Tracking

Last week I was chatting online with friend and film photographer Mike Williams about tracking film in multiple cameras. Mike knows I have several cameras and was wondering if I had a technique to track the film loaded in each. I keep several cameras loaded with various film types all the time. That’s one of […]

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When Creativity Happens

As I’ve been updating this site, I know when I sit down on Sunday night and create the post for the following day and plan for the week ahead, I’m going to be more successful. Why? For me, creativity happens on Sunday night. This is something I’ve struggled with since 1998. I say struggle because […]

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Film as an Artistic Medium

There’s been a YouTube video making its way around social media the past few months that describes why film photography will never disappear as an artistic medium. I’ve spent the last hour searching for this video and can’t find it, so let me summarize. In the era of digital photography, there are an incredible and […]

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Who Are You? Why Film? Why Now?

This is one of those moments where you attempt to accomplish something, but you have so much that you want to do, you don’t know where to start. Let me begin with who I am and what direction I want for Utah Film Photography. I’m Shaun Nelson, a photographer from South Ogden, Utah, USA. I […]

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