Thank You

Utah Film Photography has been an interesting adventure. I started this blog 2 years ago to share my experience shooting film and using vintage cameras. To say that I’ve enjoyed myself would be an understatement. It’s introduced me to some fantastic people that have contributed film, gear and a lot of wisdom.

Maurice Greeson – his career on the retail side of the photography industry has given him a love for all things camera related. Maurice has donated film, cameras, advice, knowledge, and everything that has helped me move this blog forward. He’s become a great friend and I value each moment I get to hang out with him. If I ever have a camera or film question/problem, Maurice is my personal wiki.

Scott Smith – encouraged me to shoot film as he himself finished a film and darkroom course at the University of Utah. Scott has donated lenses and has spent several lunch hours with me going over blog ideas and planning our next photo quest. I like to go out shooting with Scott. I always learn something new to try with my own photography.

Mike Williams – my partner in crime. We’ve never actually spoken face-to-face, or on the phone. But we are in constant contact on Facebook and text messages. There’s not a day that goes by that we aren’t talking about cameras, film, and family. Mike has donated film, cameras, and lenses over the past year. He’s been a great source for ideas and projects.

Special thanks: Mars, Caleb, Connor, Big Red, Jacob at Acme Camera, the FPP podcast, the CCR podcast, the 223 Restoration Crew, Special Agent Eric, & Deseret Industries

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