Miranda G – Part Two

It’s rare that I get a camera, quickly shoot a roll a film, enjoy the camera so much that I immediately move to another roll of film. Again, the Miranda G is such a great camera. Don’t believe me, go read my post from last week. The second roll of film I shot with was some Film Photography Project Edu 200 Black & White. At $3.99, you can’t beat the price. The only drawback is it’s a thin plastic and can be difficult to scan.

The Annual VW “No Show” in Kaysville, Utah, is one of my favorite car shows. Not because I own a Volkswagen, or know much about cars. It’s the people at the show and the variety of photographic opportunities. The car owners are great to talk with. They love to share their knowledge about VW’s, often pointing out specific details of a particular year or model. The show usually consists of about 100+ cars. And it only takes a few hours to see everything and visit with people. Brian Thomson and his fellow VooDoo Kruizerz do an awesome job at hosting a fun show each year. Below are some photos from the VW show, make sure to click on the images and view the whole gallery. And if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see some cars from another show.

One thought on “Miranda G – Part Two

  1. I like the Miranda and remember it fondly.
    In 1971 I was hired by the Los Angeles office of Education to document alternative education experiments then happening in the region.
    I got an invite to meet one evening at my supervisor’s home to get my first assignments.
    We talked – I got my list, and as I was leaving she pointed to a camera, lens case & light meter hanging on a peg by the door.
    As I am sure you have guessed. I got a shiny Miranda with a 50mm & a 135mm lens. And a light meter. I happily used that camera for a long time until Pentax started advertising its latest and most exciting camera in years, the Spotmatic 2.
    I never forgot and I guess still have a soft spot for Miranda. With that I am so glad you are enjoying yours.


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