Film Photography Podcasts

Whether you’re commuting or relaxing in the darkroom, there’s always a film photography related podcast you can listen to:

Analog Talk – A weekly film photography podcast hosted by Chris Bartolucci and Timothy Ditzler. New episodes air each Wednesday. Features specials guests and topics related to film photography.

Classic Camera Revival – Proudly based in Toronto, Canada, a monthly podcast that promotes and reviews traditional photographic equipment and mediums. Hosts Alex Lucyckx, John Meadows, James Lee, Mike Bitaxi, Donna Bitaxi, and Bill Smith.

Film Photography Project – The original film photography podcast (2009) with over 180 episodes. New episodes air on the first and fifteenth of each month. Hosts: Michael Raso, Matt Marrash, Leslie Lazenby, Mark Dalzell, Mark O’Brien, and John Fedele. The shows aims to keep film photography simple by sharing information and encouraging listeners to have fun and experiment with film.

First Person Shooter – Nashville photographer, Wes Bowker, hosts an intermittent podcast on focused on family, film, and creative process. Wes is a portrait photographer and police officer that shares his thoughts and projects related to film photography.

Negative Positives Film Photography Podcast – Mike Gutterman from Louisville, Kentucky, hosts a “frequent” (sometimes bi-nightly) podcast. Most shows air two or three times early in the week, with co-host Andre Domingues joining Mike on Sunday nights. The podcast is presented with humor and a passion for film, answering listener questions and topics.

Not Afraid of Grain – Justin Holt of Toronto, Canada, hosts a weekly podcast and YouTube channel on his favorite film photography topics, rants, and tips.

Studio C-41 – A bi-weekly podcast hosted by Bill Manning, Steven Wallace, and John Schafer from Atlanta, Georgia. Interviews and topics about the resurgence of film photography.

Sunny 16 Podcast – From the United Kingdom, hosted by Rachel, Ade, and Graeme. A weekly podcast that is “dedicated to mucking around with analogue photography, film cameras, and all that good stuff.” Sunny 16 is another long-running favorite podcast that interviews guests and answers listener questions.

What did I miss? If you have a favorite podcast, make sure to comment and share a link.

12 thoughts on “Film Photography Podcasts

  1. I thought I knew of all the podcasts out there, but I had not heard the Not Afraid of Grain.
    I like The Negative Positives Podcast, he sometimes has super cool guests on 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There’s also some podcasts I didn’t mention like We Believe in Film hosted by Timothy Ditzler. He had issues with and decided to move everything to YouTube.

      And then there’s podcasts that are consistent for several months, go off-air, and then come back, like The Shoot with Matt Day.


  2. Hey Shaun!
    I’m entirely appreciative that you’d include my show in this list, however I noticed the link used was for the old Anchor account. I’ve haven’t used this platform since last year. Everything has been moved to iTunes and Podbean, just didn’t want you to miss out! Thanks a ton!

    iTunes :

    Podbean :


  3. Hi Shaun,

    Thanks for the link and the shout out! I really dig your website.

    Bill Smith, From the Classic Camera Revival Podcast.


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