Europe 2017 on Film

This year will always remain memorable because my wife and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary by taking a 3-week trip to Europe. We went with a small group and visited Italy, Switzerland, and France. I took three cameras: Canon 6D, Pentax K1000, and Olypus OM-1MD. I spent most days taking digital shots, but used the two film cameras for early morning walks and evening adventures. Trying not to pack around too much gear each day, I’d swap one of the two film cameras in and out of my bag. Many people have asked us, “What was your favorite place to visit?” There’s no way possible to answer that question. From day-to-day we kept thinking, “Wow, today was fantastic! It can’t get any better than this.” Only to be surprised by the sights and experiences we’d have the very next day.

6 thoughts on “Europe 2017 on Film

  1. Nice job, gorgeous tonality on the black and white frames! You have a great eye for shapes and patterns. Next trip: leave the digital wonders behind and use film exclusively – really you will do amazing work, Good luck.


  2. Great photography theme I am seeing here, exactly. Being a newbie photographer these cool photos try to pus me back at 1850. Cheers!


  3. Nice photos! We did a similar trip in 2016. I brought my Canon 6D, a CanonT70 and a Lomo SprocketRocket. My color film was covered in mildew spots, lending to a nice vintage/destroyed effect.

    My Venice and Tuscany pictures:

    I’m getting to the point where I just want to travel with Film cameras and my iPhone with a few iPhone lenses, like Iris or Moment lenses.


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