PT & More 6×6

During my recovery from shoulder surgery, I’ve been going to weekly physical therapy. I joke that I’m paying other people to torture me, but I am seeing the benefits from the exercises and stretching. For me, the best part about going to the local medical clinic is seeing the beautiful photography from two guys that I consider friends, Bill Singleton and Kevin Mikkelsen. Throughout the halls, offices and lobby areas of the clinic hang some of the best photography from two of the top landscape photographers in Utah. Many of Bill’s images are from Southern Utah with red rock and arches from the National Parks. Many of Kevin’s images from Zion National Park and the Uinta Mountains include rivers and fall leaves. So much incredible work that I know took these two photographers’ hours to research resulting in hiking to the perfect spots to create and compose beautiful images. I know these photos were created with digital gear, but I also know Bill and Kevin grew roots that were created in film photography.

As I’m going through the backlog of film I’ve developed and scanned, I’ll continue to share my images. The following images were shot with my Yashica Mat-124 G. In December, I purchased a new BrightScreen 6×6 Grid focus screen from Rick Oleson for the Mat-124 G, and Mark Hama installed it. Between the CLA and the new focus screen last year, the Mat-124 G is going to continue to give me several years of shooting.

Camera: Yashica Mat-124 G (1970 – 1986)
Film: Ultrafine Extreme 100
Process: Cinestill DF96 Monobath (3 Min @ 26° C)
Scanner: Epson V700 Photo

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