Saturday Adventures

One thing I’ve learned from my fellow film photography nerds Jim Grey and Alex Luyckx is there’s always something local you can photograph. My wife likes to call them our Saturday Adventures. We’ll often pick a city or place we’ve never been in Utah and spend a Saturday there. The following pictures were taken along the Provo River Waterfalls along Highway 150, the Mirror Lake Scenic Byway.

Camera: Kodak Master View (1955)
Lens: Graflex Optar Graphex 135mm
Film: Arista Edu 100 ISO
Process: Cinestill DF96 Monobath (3 Min @ 26° C)
Scanned: Epson V700 Photo

Camera: Olympus OM-1N MD (1979)
Film: Kodak T-Max 100
Process: Cinestill DF96 Monobath (3 Min @ 26° C)
Scanner: Epson V700 Photo

My favorite images are from the Kodak Master View on Arista Edu 4×5 film. While setting up the camera I attracted a nice little audience that had never seen a large format camera before. And I’m honestly disappointed in the images from the Olympus OM-1 and Kodak T-Max. The contrast is very heavy. This isn’t a film I’ve shot before in 35mm. I have used T-Max before in 4×5 and loved those results. Live and learn.

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