Kowa Six Photos

After the initial two test rolls in the Kowa Six, I shot another three rolls the following week. This time I used the light meter in the Kowa Six Exposure Finder. I found that the images shot on two rolls of Kodak Gold 200 look great. The images I shot with Ultrafine eXtreme 100 were a little over-exposed. There were three images that I really had to tweak and correct in Adobe Photoshop. They still appear what I would describe as “flat.”

Camera: Kowa Six (1968)
Film: Kodak Gold 200
Process: RepliColor SLC
Scanned: Epson V700 Photo

Camera: Kowa Six (1968)
Film: Ultrafine eXteme 100
Process: Cinestill DF96 Monobath (3 Min @ 26° C)
Scanned: Epson V700 Photo

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