Minolta SRT-202 with 100mm Rokkor-X and Auto Bellows

Minolta SRT-202 (1966-1981) with 100mm Rokkor-X and Auto Bellows

I purchased this camera in March of 2015 from a thrift store. The camera was sold as a dental kit: Complete Minolta SR-T202 Clinical Camera Unit, Clinical Camera Case, Dental Mirrors, Columbia wire retractor, Minolta F4 100mm lens, and Minolta 18LS Flash. One item not listed on the original sales receipt was the Mobilgrip. This would allow a dentist to hold the camera in one hand, like a gun, while focusing the bellows with the other.  You can read more about this camera in my original post from last year.

The following images were shot on Holga 400 black & white film on a cold January morning at the Union Station in Ogden, Utah.

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