Yashica Mat-124 G Close-Up Lenses No. 2

Since having my Yashica Mat-124 G CLA’d by Mark Hama, I’ve used it more often. And recently found another film photographer on Facebook that was selling a set of close-up lenses for Yashica TLR’s. The set of lenses includes one that goes on taking lens, and the other on the viewing lens. According to yashicatlr.com, Yashica made close-up lenses that were both slip-on and bayonet mount. And two separate sets of close-up lenses were made for the Mat-124 G: No. 1 allows focusing as close as 44-61cm, and No.2 allows focusing as close as 36-45cm.

The first attempt I made at using these lenses was back in the spring when my wife and I went to our local nursery to buy vegetable plants for the garden. I thought using these close-up lenses in the greenhouses would make some interesting photos. The photos were all taken at f/3.5, hand-held. I think I could have done better with a tripod.

Camera: Yashica Mat-124 G (1970 – 1986) with
Yashica No. 2 Close-up Lenses.
Film: Ultrafine Exteme 100
Process: CineStill Df96 Monobath 3 Mins @ 26° C
Scanned: Epson V600 Photo



4 thoughts on “Yashica Mat-124 G Close-Up Lenses No. 2

  1. Nice work Shaun. I have the Yashica MAT-124 non-G version and while it’s by far my most used camera, I’ve never been a fan of the minimum focusing distance… it’s just too far away. I’m already looking on eBay for these filters! Hope all is well!

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  2. Your development has come a long way with this post — the blacks and contrast are really well done. Great work — I just ordered a set of these of the Ebay — about $22 with shipping under $30. We’ll see what they are like and how I put them to use. I’m really pretty excited and I never would have known without your recent post here. Thanks much !!

    JSturr – http://www.jsturr.com

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  3. I also see that you are shooting UltraFine Extreme — what are your thoughts on this stock…. It looks really rich — I’ve been stuck on Fujichrome Acros 100 in a Rodinal Stand development for 60 minutes with a 5% solution. It’s been very consistent and dummy proof developing. But — my stores won’t last forever and it’s at $12 a roll… good God.


    1. I’ve really liked Ultrafine Extreme, both 120 and 135. I bought a 100 foot roll of the 135 ISO 400, but haven’t bulk loaded any of it yet. It’s a cost effective film that’s hard to mess up. Shoot me an email and I’ll send you a roll. I’m probably one of the few people that hasn’t shot Acros.


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